One thing I often find when I work with clients is that some days there is some sort of synchronicity either in the type of symptoms clients present themselves with or there is a similarity of events.
For example, today I worked with two completely different men who both went back into lifetimes when they were soldiers in the First World War. What was interesting was that, although the symptoms they presented are in no way alike, their description of the trenches and the stench of fear and death were very similar. In this lifetime the first man has always suffered from asthma since the day he was born, and the second man has a phobia of birds.
The first client whilst in hypnosis gave a very detailed description of how at the age of 16 he ran away to fight in World War 1. His reason for doing this was the romantic notion that war would be exciting. He gave his age as 18 and before he knew it he was in the army. He saw himself in France. On the day of his arrival he was told he was on night sentry duty. The boy was terrified; he was put on his own in the dark and made to stand in an outlook post away from the main trenches. He described huge rats running over his feet, bits of dead bodies scattered around and a terrible smell of death everywhere. He then began finding it difficult to breathe and started choking. For some reason he didn’t have his gas mask and his eyes started to fill up and he began to inhale gas. As he started to run away from his post in an effort to get back to the main trench he was hit twice in the leg with bullets. He did make it back to the main trench where, after suffering a lot of pain, he was eventually moved back from the line to some sort of hospital post.
Doctors removed the bullets but their main worry was the damage to his lungs. In due course he was sent back to England because, although the leg healed, his breathing continued to deteriorate. He eventually died at the age of 18 with lung complications. Having worked as a past life therapist for over 10 years I know that when people are presenting either a physical problem or a phobia, it is almost always related to a past life.
• The soul fragment from that lifetime is still stuck back in that time
• They need to forgive themselves unconditionally for whatever it is that they are still holding onto i.e. fear, anger etc.
Therefore I asked the first client what he was still angry and upset about. He told me it was the absolute futility of it all, and for having been so stupid as to go and sign up. Up until the time he came to see me he was still using inhalers, so it will be interesting to see how his breathing improves now the soul retrieval and the forgiveness of self has been achieved.
My second client has had a phobia of birds all his life. As a child there were no real memories connected with this so I knew that we had to sort out the problem in past lives. There is often more than one past life relating to a phobia but there is usually one lifetime that is the absolute root cause of it all. We started by going into a lifetime where, as a little girl on a farm, she was expected to feed the geese. The child was afraid of them because they often lunged at her as she was trying to give them the grain, but despite her terror she managed to feed them anyway.
I knew there had to be more to it than that. I told the client to go to the real root cause of the problem because I didn’t believe that was all there was to it. He kept saying he didn’t like the way they kept flapping their wings. I told him to find where the fear of them flapping their wings came from. He then went into the trenches in the First World War. Once again here was another description of the stench and of all the deaths. He described all the birds who kept feeding on the dead flesh. He also described how he was injured and how he couldn’t move. He knew he was going to die and he could see the birds hovering over him with their wings flapping. I asked him what happened after he found himself out of this body and he told me that he was still standing there watching the birds feeding on his flesh. No wonder the poor man has been terrified of birds all his life. Again we had to retrieve the soul fragment, and again complete forgiveness of self and of the birds was needed. I then took him into some future scenes relating to birds and he no longer saw them as threatening in any way.
This is what makes my work so very interesting. No day or case is ever the same.

World War I – Past lives that are still affecting people’s lives today.