Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval has been practiced by shamans for many centuries. It is all about bringing back lost parts of our soul from both this life and from previous life times. The key to this therapy is for the client to be ready accept the past and to move on by learning how to practice total forgiveness of self and of others.

When a child is abused they become deeply traumatised. The act usually happens again and again and every time they know it is going to happen they become more afraid. One of the ways children cope with this is by a fragment of their soul ‘leaving their body’ just before the abuse takes place. This is why abused people often feel as though they are watching the situation from outside themselves in an out of body experience. The more traumas the child goes through the more soul fragments break off. This is the reason why so many adults who have suffered abuse as children can become disassociated and withdrawn. They also find it very difficult to get in touch with their feelings and are often seen as cold and unfeeling by other people. For help with these issues please see the page on Abuse Issues

Soul Fragmentation

Soul fragmentation isn’t always about children being abused by adults. It can take place both in children and adults when anything upsetting takes place. If what has happened is just too awful to think about or to go through again a soul fragment breaks off. Soul loss can also take place at the end of a life time when the whole essence of the person breaks off. A better explanation for this is given in Past Life Therapy.


One of the best ways to work with these issues is by combining inner child work with soul retrieval. Inner child work is about helping to make those lost fragments feel safe and to reintegrate them back with the person.

In hypnosis the client is able to talk to all those lost inner children. They are able to assure these lost and traumatised inner child parts that they the adult are never going to let anything like this ever happen to them again. The client learns to talk to ‘the abuser’ on the child’s behalf, first by reproaching him or her. This cathartic process releases the anger that they feel towards the abuser. Ultimately they learn to forgive their assailant so that the inner child begins to feel that it is safe to return to the client and become whole again. Sometimes the inner child needs more reassurance especially if they are not convinced that the adult is ready and in the correct mental state for them to return comfortably. The adult needs to continue to encourage their inner children making them completely secure so that the children understand that is safe for them to return.


This work is highly rewarding and the more soul fragments that are brought back during each session the more whole and together the client begins to feel. When I work with Soul Retrieval and Inner Child Therapy I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing™ and sometimes Past Life Therapy.

When you book your appointment you may request the use of a specific therapy, or you may prefer a combination of different healing methods to help you to resolve whatever is causing your physical or emotional pain.

Most of my therapy sessions last 90 minutes in London Harley Street. I am also happy to work with clients on the telephone.

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