Negative Oaths & Vows

Many clients coming to see me tell me that although they don’t love their partner any more they feel unable to make a clean break. It is as if there are invisible ties or even glue seemingly holding them together. They leave their partner and try to get on with their new life but these negative ties are pulling them back into something they (on a conscious level) are well aware they no longer want.

Other clients come because they feel as though they will never be able to find their true soul mate. Yet others feel guilty when they have sex with their partners but they know logically they have no reason to feel guilty and what they are doing is perfectly natural but this deep sense of guilt just keeps surging up in them for no logical reason. These issues are usually connected with past lives vows and oaths they have previously made.

Vows such as:
I will never leave you no matter what.
I will never love anyone but you.
No man will ever touch me again.

Or oaths of vengeance:
I will kill him if I ever see him again.
I will make her pay for what she did to me


Other clients come to see me because no matter what money comes into their hands it goes out just as quickly. This is usually connected to vows of poverty connected to the church. There are many vows made to the Church. Chastity, obedience, they go on and on and are always detrimental to the person who on a sub-conscious level is still tied to the vows.

These vows & oaths keep recurring and can often stop a person from finding a partner in this life time. When I evaluate clients they have often vowed to be only a bride to Christ, or to wait for some special person for eternity. (Even if that person is not present in the lifetime they are living now.)

Another of these oaths and vows is a promise made to always be there for someone. This can be in the form of a parent not letting a child grow up or an ex-husband or wife not letting one an other go even when they have decided they can’t live together.

Once these oaths vows and promises have been rescinded and removed the person is free to move forwards. This does not mean that they are not able to keep in contact with that person if they so wish. However it does mean that it will be their choice. They will no longer feel frustrated as if an invisible thread is pulling them back completely against their will.

Oaths of vengeance are frequently tied up with pain. Often when we are extremely angry with someone we hold that anger in our body. This anger then turns into physical pain. When we learn to release oaths and vows of vengeance and hatred we release ourselves from this cycle of pain. When we learn to forgive other people and most of all ourselves our pain often disappears completely.


When I work with Releasing Negative Oaths and Vows I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing™ and sometimes Past Life Therapy. When you book your appointment you may request the use of a specific therapy, or you may prefer a combination of different healing methods to help you to resolve whatever is causing your physical or emotional pain.

Most of my therapy sessions last 90 minutes in London Harley Street. I am also happy to work with clients on the telephone.

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