My system to remove negative energies and to release lost souls is a simple process using hypnosis. By taking the person into a light trance state they are able to become more perceptive of detrimental forces that may be holding on or surrounding them.

I always work with healing white light. Encouraging the client to bring the white light down into his or her body the person is able to either see, sense or feel where in their physical body or aura, the blockages of negative energy are. The individual will sometimes see, sense or feel these areas as dark splodges or they may be aware of them as different coloured geometric shapes. The shape is not important, what is significant is the fact that the person becomes conscious of where in their body these obstructions of negative energy are trapped.

Negative Energy

Negative energies are always attracted to the negative part of our psyche. by understanding and releasing the emotions that originally attracted the negative forces, they are easily and effectively removed and released into the light. The attachments can be a soul fragment of a loved one who has passed and who the client is still desperately holding on to.  The soul fragments need to be gently released so that the loved one can move on enabling the client to gain back their power and energy. Sometimes spirit attachments are related to an event in a clients past life. These attachments are usually connected to us because we have etheric ties with a particular soul. Whether we have made oaths and vows of love or vengeance to that spirit we need to forgive and release them and ourselves.

Spirit Friends

Sometimes as children we have ‘spirit friends’. Young children are continually in the Theta brainwave making them more aware of alternative dimensions. They are also more loving and not as yet conditioned to believe that spirit and psychic phenomena are scary. These ‘spirit friends’ are often lost souls who are lingering because they don’t know where to go. They can energetically couple themselves to the child and still be around them in adult hood. These entities mean no harm but they can diminish the person’s energy. They need to join their own over-soul so it is a positive idea to free them by guiding them into the light.


When a person is a heavy drinker or smoker they can attract negative energies who want to continue to feed the addictions they sustained when they were in a physical body. This can cause real distress to the person with the addiction because even if they want to stop smoking or drinking the entities make it doubly difficult for them to quit. Addictions weaken our auric field making it easier for negative energies to get though. I always use spirit release therapy before dealing with any addiction so that the client is empowered before attempting to release the addiction.

Many people are totally unaware of how heavy binge drinking can attract spirit entities. I have a clairvoyant associate who can perceive spirit attachments connected to people. I remember on one occasion going to a public house with him and there was a large gathering of people who were gradually getting completely inebriated. He kept watching this group and was fascinated to see that the more these people drank the more various entities started to take advantage of their drunken state and jump into the bodies of different members of the party. I didn’t see the entity’s because I am not a visual clairvoyant but as a healer it was an interesting experience for me to understand how this can happen.

It is also worth noting that when we don’t respect our minds and bodies, we may allow ourselves to be exploited by unseen forces. This can of course make us feel ill and off balance but more importantly it can lead to addictions and encourage the person to for example drink heavily. However the same can happen with other addictions when people let their guard down, addictions like drugs, gambling, smoking.

I am a member of the Spirit Release Foundation http://www.spiritrelease.com/


When I work with Negative Energy and Spirit Release I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, ThetaHealing™ and sometimes Past Life Therapy.

When you book your appointment you may request the use of a specific therapy, or you may prefer a combination of different healing methods to help you to resolve whatever is causing your physical or emotional pain.

Most of my therapy sessions last 90 minutes in London Harley Street and in Central Bristol. I am also happy to work with clients on the telephone.

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