Sexual Issues and Fears

Sexual fears and inhibitions can be both debilitating as well as being physically and emotionally painful for the person in question and also sometimes their partner. These fears can surface when someone feels disgusted by sex, they might believe it is dirty or they could possibly have a deep fear of being touched.  That person can also experience actual physical pain during the sexual act. Men could suffer from premature ejaculation or impotency whilst woman may experience fear or pain during penetration. These worries may be connected to Abuse Issues or feelings of inadequacy. The answer to the problem may also lie in a past life where Past Life Therapy may be helpful.

Apprehension of becoming pregnant may be traced back to being thrown out or abandoned, or perhaps the person is holding on to a deep sense of guilt after being raped, or being accused of bringing shame on the family in a previous life time. We have previous lives as both men and women so a man may well be holding on to one of these fears if his wife or partner wants to have a child.


Childbirth can hold all sorts of unknown terrors because in the past childbirth was often synonymous with pain and even death. Families frequently lost children through disease and famine causing deep emotional distress to all concerned. All of these fears and many more often bubble to the surface when a woman is thinking of starting a family. Her conscious mind will be ready and happy about the idea but her subconscious mind may be holding on to a fear that she will be unable to feed the child or that it will die. Once these fears are found and eradicated her and her family can begin to enjoy her pregnancy.


Premature ejaculation or impotency, both completely different problems can be related to attempting to punish ones-self for something that happened in a past life. Or one or both of these problems can also be related to feelings of dis-empowerment and inadequacy due to a negative mother or father influence. Premature ejaculation or impotency can even be related to being constantly put down by women or ridiculed by a previous partner. This can lead to a deep sense of shame towards oneself.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault in past lives or in this life makes people feel dirty and violated. This can lead to uncovering oaths and vows, where the person has sworn to never allow anyone to touch them ever again. You can find some examples in Releasing Negative Oaths and Vows section.


I work extensively with people who suffer from sexually related problems. By releasing negative sexually related beliefs and issues the client is free to lead a fuller more positive sex life.

When you book your appointment you may request the use of a specific therapy, or you may prefer a combination of different healing methods to help you to resolve whatever is causing your physical or emotional pain.

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