Abuse Issues

Abuse is one of the most horrific and prevalent occurrences in our society. Often the abuser is a parent, sibling or other family member. Or perhaps the perpetrator is a neighbour or another outsider who the family trusts with their child. Abuse is despicable and it is rife. Unfortunately abuse doesn’t always stop with children, since abused children are also very likely to find themselves in abusive adult relationships. Or, because as a child they are brought up to believe that this is the only way of life

Adults who have suffered abuse can feel guilty, dirty and disgusted with themselves. They often hold on to deep rage that can bubble to the surface at any given time. They can also become very withdrawn and reclusive. Abused people frequently hold a deep anger towards the person who abused them and they are consistently angry with themselves because they feel they ‘allowed it to happen’. On a logical level they understand that they could have done nothing to stop it. However they routinely go over the situation again and again in their minds trying to understand why it happened to them and why they couldn’t do anything to prevent it.


Frequently the abused child has no conscious recollection of the abuse. He or she may have ‘a feeling’ or ‘flashbacks’ that something may have happened to them or they can have a feeling of deep mistrust for a certain person or specific members of society like, men, preachers, teachers, doctors etc but they don’t really know why. They only know that they feel cheated, stuck and alone and no matter what they try to do to make themselves feel better they just feel worse. Depression and panic attacks are common.


Regression hypnosis and Inner Child work can be an excellent method of working with people who have suffered abuse. The client never has to physically experience the abuse. This work is all about watching a situation from afar and ‘stopping the picture’ before the abuse happens so that the person can start to release all the pent up anger locked inside them. It is about permitting ‘the child’ to feel safe probably for the first time in their life. So, that eventually they are able to begin to forgive their abuser and ultimately themselves.


I work extensively with people who have suffered abuse, by helping them to let go of the deep trauma so that the child within is healed. This can lead to a feeling of total freedom so that the client can begin to lead a happier more productive and positive life. All of my sessions last 90 minutes in London Harley St and I use a combination of different therapies to help my clients to liberate themselves from all of this emotional pain.


When you book your appointment you may request the use of one specific therapy such as past life regression, or you may prefer a combination of different healing methods in order to help you to resolve whatever is causing physical or emotional pain.

Most of my therapy sessions last 90 minutes in London Harley Street. I am also happy to work with clients on the telephone.

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