Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy is all about pushing boundaries. We frequently suffer from all sorts of ailments and complaints but often don’t understand why it is that one or more places in our body are particularly susceptible to injury. We may have hurt our right shoulder on the sports field when we were ten and then we may have damaged the same shoulder when we tripped up and fell as a teenager, but why is it always that shoulder that feels weaker and gets wounded? The connection may well lie in a past life.

Previous Life

When something happens that causes us anguish and pain we often hold on to a deep sense of resentment around it. So, let us say for example that a lady comes to me with shoulder pain. She goes into a previous life where she sees herself as a man being shot in the shoulder by a poison arrow. This man was not ready to die and his last words to his assailant were something like, “I will make you pay for all eternity for killing me,” the injured party then finds himself out of his physical body.  He is unable to let go of the deep sense of resentment he feels towards the person who killed him and he is angry with himself because of what happened. As a result, that part of him or that ‘soul fragment’ if you like stays lingering on the earth plain. This dark enraged portion of the soul is unable to go to join up with his luminous over-soul because the resentment he is holding on to is keeping him miserable, earth bound and lost.

Lost Soul

Past life therapy is all about retrieving lost soul fragments and practicing absolute forgiveness so that painful situations from past lives are completely released. So going back to the previous example the soul fragment of the man who was shot with an arrow needs help. To be released he would need to completely forgive the person who shot him with the arrow and to rescind all curses and oaths of vengeance he made against other people. He can then forgive himself so that the soul fragment can then become light again and reunited with the over-soul. The lady whose past life it was can then let the pain go completely because her unconscious mind is no longer trying to get her attention in regard to the lost soul fragment. To read a similar example please Click Here.

Oaths & Vows

Past Life Therapy often brings to the surface oaths and vows where we have promised to love someone for ever. That is all very well if you are with that same person now, that love of your life but what if that person you are tied to for all eternity is not actually around in this lifetime? It may be that you go from relationship to relationship always feeling as if something or someone is missing. You may have experience a life as a nun or a monk and made oaths and vows to the church. All of this is about letting go and reintegrating lost parts of ourselves. To read more about what an actual past life therapy session with me is like please Click Here (Soul & Spirit December 2008).

Past Life Therapy also helps us to understand why we dislike a particular person. Often that individual has done nothing to harm us (in this lifetime) but we feel very uneasy around them. I remember being on an energy course many years ago. There was a woman in this class, a nurse who I immediately felt an instant and irrational dislike for. I had never met her before and she certainly had done nothing to hurt me. Interestingly she felt it too because she came up to me in the break and said to me, “You know that you and I and I have past life issues to sort out don’t you?” As I began to agree with her I immediately flashed into a past life and ‘saw’ myself as a doctor during the Crimean War. I was amputating soldier’s limbs and she was my head nurse. We were under enormous pressure and used to snap at one another a lot. I found her bossy and she resented me. When we understood what this was about we completely forgave one another and hugged. I remember thinking for the rest of the course what a nice woman she was.


Past life therapy is also an excellent tool for accessing and releasing the reason someone is suffering from a phobia. Sometimes phobias start in this lifetime but more frequently they have past life origins. For more information about phobias please Click Here.

Hidden Memories

People often like to experience a past life regression session to learn more about themselves and what they have come to accomplish in this lifetime. Past life regression can help them to access memories of things they were good at in the past like public speaking or writing. They may wish to travel into the spirit world to meet their guides or to see who the main members of their soul group are. The possibilities are endless. To read more about past life regression please Click Here.

Past Life Regression Session

Past Life Regression is never anything to worry about. However it is very important that the Past Life Regression therapist is experienced and understands how to conduct the regression so that the person coming to experience it can get the most understanding possible from the session enabling them to really move forward in this life.

Actual session duration is one and a half hours. I can also provide a digital recording of the session on CD. This service is completely optional because after the regression you will remember everything you experience during the session. Although many of my clients like this as an additional way of remembering the Past Life Regression. This recording is available for an additional £15.00.

Please note most people will very easily go into a past life, but there are a few people who block themselves. This can be due to fear, strong religious beliefs, or sometimes medication.

Liz is a member of the PLTA (Past Life Therapists Association) 

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