NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Richard Bandler`s background was mathematics and Gestalt therapy, he collaborated with John Grinder who`s Phd was in linguistics, together they studied how famous therapists like Milton E Erikson, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir were able to achieve incredible results with their patients. Learning how to replicate the ways these therapists worked they began to understand more about how people organise their thoughts, feelings, language and behaviours. Ultimately this lead them to the creation of NLP achieving very positive results with people who were experiencing a variety of issues.

Body Language

They studied body language and noticed how when we have a natural affinity with someone we unintentionally copy their speech patterns and the way they sit. Conversely when we do not connect with the person who is in front of us we close ourselves off by crossing our arms or legs as a way of shutting that individual out of our space. An example of open body language postures would be sales people, they are frequently very good at being’ open’ with their clients in order to get the person to buy from them.


Richard Bandler and John Grinder also became aware of the way people use their eyes when in conversation. When they did this they observed that each person used one primary sense much more that the others. What this actually means is that although most of us are able to see, hear and sense everything all around us one of these senses is much more dominant in each and every one of us.

They realised that very visual people looked up a lot when they talked, mainly hearing people moved their eyes from side to side and feeling people looked down. They also used language differently. A visual person may say, “I saw Fred yesterday,” while a hearing individual will probably say, “I talked to Fred yesterday”. The feeling person will probably say, “I bumped in to Fred yesterday.”


All of this research allowed them to develop exciting new ways to work with people. They created some excellent methods for changing negative thoughts into positive ones and for getting rid of traumatic memories. My favorite methods are, completely disassociating the client from a difficult situation by allowing them to become the projectionist who is watching himself  in the auditorium who is then watching himself on a TV screen. This way the clients are looking at a situation twice removed. This may sound complicated but by using these methods to help a client watch a film go forward in black and white and then winding it back very quickly in colour a difficult scene is released from the person’s memory. Their smash method also changes a negative situation very quickly into a positive one.


I use NLP techniques all the time to help my clients. I use it with other therapies and on its own. Children particularly seem to resonate with NLP and old nasty memories are soon changed into positive interesting ones. All of my NLP sessions last 90 minutes in London, Harley Street.

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