Gastric Band Hypnosis

Are you ready to rapidly reduce then maintain your ideal weight without spending £1000’s on costly surgical procedures?
Then Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is the perfect solution for you!

  • Are you happy with the way you look?
  • Are you your ideal weight?
  • Do you feel confident when you gaze at yourself in the mirror?
  • Do you just know that you will always look great in the very latest fashion?
  • Do you feel good about yourself?
  • Are you glad to be you?

If you find it difficult to answer YES to one or more of these questions, don’t worry you are not alone!

If you are struggling with your eating habits more than ever before then this gastric band hypnosis programme is exactly what you need to help you to attain your perfect body weight!


Surgery to fit a gastric band can be both costly and invasive to the body. However gastric band hypnosis can give you all of the benefits of gastric band surgery without any of the frequent side effects.

How Do I Calculate My BMI?

Many sites will work out your BMI for you but if you wish to manually calculate it for yourself this is the way to do it. Begin by converting your height into inches and your weight into lbs.

So if for example if you are 5ft 6inches tall and weigh a little over 12 stone, you are 66 inches tall and weigh 170 pounds:

You start by multiplying your height by itself.  Use your calculator to multiply 66 X 66 which totals at 4356. The next step is to divide your weight in pounds into the result.

So if you have worked out that you weigh 170 lbs divide 4356 into that which equals .039026629. Now multiply .039026629 by the number 703. The total comes to 27.43. So your BMI is 27.43. You always multiply your calculation by 703 to get your BMI.

If your BMI is 30 plus Gastric Band Hypnosis is the perfect solution for you!

This is the treatment that TV and press are so positive about because they are seeing and hearing about the amazing results people are experiencing from virtual gastric band hypnotherapy.

Just think you can now have all the advantages of gastric band surgery at a very reasonable price without any of the pain of a surgical procedure. Then when have reached your ideal weight you have the choice as to whether you want to keep your virtual gastric band as it is or whether you want to come back to have your virtual gastric band adjusted or removed.

What Does Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Treatment Consist Of?

Gastric band hypnotherapy enables people to take charge of their lives on many different levels. This hypnotherapy method clears the emotional connection to harmful foods, retrains the brain to think differently whilst making the subconscious mind believe it has experienced a surgical procedure. All without surgery, pain or side effects!

It is important that you are fully committed to this weight loss/gastric band hypnotherapy programme so before you make your decision to go ahead with this programme Liz will talk to you by telephone so that she can answer any questions you may have. This will also allow her to determine whether Gastric Band hypnotherapy treatment is the best solution for you. During the programme you will be expected to keep a food diary, take on some light exercise like walking 3 times per week and to find time to listen to some CD’s.

The picture below shows an example of what the surgical procedure looks like: The virtual Gastric band allows your subconscious mind to believe that you have undertaken this gastric band operation without any side effects.

FREE 15 Minute Telephone Consultation

Liz offers a free 15 minute telephone consultation to all prospective clients. So please feel free to ring her either on 0203 3972 513 or on 07769 682383. If there is no answer, just leave a clear message with your name, telephone number and the best times to call and Liz will get back to you as soon as she is free.

How many sessions will I need?

Your first session is 90 minutes long. During this session we will look at your food diary, and work out a healthy eating plan coupled with a light exercise regime. (This can be starting to walk for 20 minutes per day 3 times per week. The initial hypnosis session is to help you to start to release your emotional connection to unhealthy foods. You will also take home a CD to listen to once a day until your next hypnotherapy session.

Your second session is 90 minutes long and consists of going over your food diary, more emotional clearing and a hypnosis session to allow you to make the sort of choices you want to make in your life.

Third Session 60 minutes Gastric band hypnotherapy session with another CD to take home with you.

A follow up 15 minute telephone session with Liz.

What will the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy programme cost me?

London Harley Street:  Total cost of your virtual gastric band hypnotherapy programme = £495

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is just an altered state of consciousness. We actually go in and out of trance many times a day without actually realising it. For example when we watch TV and become emotionally involved with the characters and the plot we are in a light trance. Or when we think about what we would like for dinner and we see in our minds eye an interesting and inviting plate of our favourite food we are in the alpha brainwave a slight trance like state. Another example of the alpha state is driving, sometimes when driving we go into what is called automatic pilot and this is an alpha brainwave state.

A slightly deeper trance is the theta brainwave, that state of being between asleep and awake. So, if for example you are in a deep sleep and your alarm clock goes off. You jump but you are not quite awake. You are still in the middle of a dream but at the same time you are also aware that it is Monday morning and you have to get up and go to a meeting. At that point you are in the theta brainwave, fully aware of where you are, hearing noises outside and perhaps smelling coffee but at the same time still seeing your dream and wanting to stay in that dream. This is the state you are in when you are hypnotised.

Why Choose Gastric Band hypnotherapy?

Actual surgery can be dangerous. People can experience abreactions to aesthetic not to mention physical discomfort and symptoms such as pain, vomiting, constipation and hair loss.

What are the advantages of virtual gastric band hypnotherapy?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy allows you to release your emotional connection to unhealthy food. If you only had surgery you would still have the same emotional attachments to the foods you crave.

How will I feel after an appointment with Liz?

All of Liz’s sessions include clearing and releasing negative feelings and emotions. It is very important to drink at least 2 litres a day for at least 3 days after your appointment. This allows your body to effortlessly wash out any remaining toxins as it aligns itself with the new positive energy you are embracing.

Am I asleep when I am hypnotised?

No, you are not asleep. You are just in an altered state of consciousness as described above.

What if my hypnotherapist died during the session?

Nothing bad would happen to you, you would just fall asleep and wake up in your normal state when you were ready.

Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is perfectly safe providing you choose to go to a fully competent experienced registered hypnotherapist.

What does being hypnotised feel like?

The term hypnosis comes from the Greek word for sleep. However during hypnosis you are not actually asleep. You will always be completely aware of your surroundings and you never loose consciousness. You will just feel very relaxed.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Anyone can be hypnotised as long as they want to be. Some people feel the need to control everything around them and are not prepared to completely let go. This is usually due to their fear and lack of trust in other people. Hypnosis is all about letting go and going with the flow just as you would if you were day dreaming.

Who should not attempt hypnosis?

It is generally thought that people suffering from epilepsy should not undergo hypnosis.

Am I too intelligent to be hypnotised?

No, the more intelligent you are the better.

Why do I need hypnosis to clear out my emotional need for eating unhealthy foods when I should be able to consciously change my own life?

Everything is about freedom and hypnosis for emotional clearing allows us to access a part of ourselves that in everyday life we are not able to understand or make contact with. It can help us to release the need to eat unhealthy sugary foods.

My doctor has prescribed anti depressants is it still ok for me to be hypnotised?

Yes, hypnosis is all about helping you to feel better and anything that makes you feel better is always positive.

Will I be asleep or unconscious when I am hypnotised?

No, you will look as though you are asleep but you will just be very relaxed and in an altered state of consciousness.

Is there any actual surgery involved in this procedure?

Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy does not involve any actual surgery. It is a mixture of hypnosis CBT and NLP

Is there any pain involved in this procedure?

Certainly not hypnosis is a very calming relaxing experience.

Are there ever any complications with Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy?

No, this is just a relaxing experience because it doesn’t involve actual surgical procedures. The virtual gastric band is completely safe.

How do I know if Gastric band hypnosis is suitable for me?

Liz is happy to talk to you on the phone and to answer any questions you may have. Generally gastric Band hypnotherapy is recommended for people with a BMI of 30 or over. However you may still be suitable if your body weight is slightly less than 30. It is recommended that you talk to Liz so that she can advise the best way to help you to achieve your ideal weight.

How successful is this treatment?

Gastric band hypnosis has a very high success rate. However as with any weight loss programmes you are the ultimate key! Gastric band hypnosis is a very powerful tool to change your mind set and to release your negative association with food. The more you are committed to eating healthy foods and taking light exercise with the programme the more successful you will be.

What are the guarantees?

If you go into surgery for a gastric band your surgeon cannot give you an absolute guarantee. However virtual gastric band hypnosis is proven to aid weight loss in 70% to 80% of clients for a fraction of the cost and risk of actual surgery.

About Liz Vincent

Liz Vincent D.HYP PLR(MHF) SQHP. Dip.CBT. ABNLP. Adv-EFT. CRSST. Adv-ThetaHealer™. Cert:EMDR. Reiki Master. IAART. MPLTA. is a Senior Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, NLP, EFT, EmoTrance practitioner, Theta Healer and trainer, Tachyon practitioner and Reiki Master. Her thriving practice since 2003 is in London at 1 Harley Street. Click the link for a full Biograghy.

Liz is passionate about helping people to achieve their desired weight. She knows how when we feel bad about our physical body every aspect of our lives can be affected. We often eat more in an effort to feel better and then we get depressed, lethargic and angry with ourselves because we are lacking essential will power.

FREE 15 Minute Consultation

It’s really important that you’re completely happy with your choice of hypnotherapist or therapy. I offer a free initial telephone conversation of up to 15 minutes,which is an opportunity for you to find out more about my approach, and ask any questions. Please ring me on 020 339 72513 or 07769 682383. I can also be contacted by email or click here to fill in the contact form.