EmoTrance was developed in 2002 by Dr Silvia Hartman. EmoTrance is based on the realisation that everything is energy. Therefore energy needs to flow properly at all times.

An example is how everything about us needs to flow is our digestive system. We eat and when that food is digested all the essentials, that our physical being needs, are absorbed into the body. The rest is eliminated as waste. This is fine when everything works properly but we can get very uncomfortable when this pathway gets blocked. This is the same with the other conduits in our body.


We often hold negative emotions in our body and energy field. This then creates blockages and stops our natural flow of energy causing us anxiety and pain. When we hold on to these harmful blocks we start to feel those little niggles which unless released will eventually cause physical pain. EmoTrance is all about feeling and understanding where these energy blocks are and releasing them.

Positive Energy

As children we are open and loving to everyone, but the older we get the more we put up protective guards against the outside world. EmoTrance teaches us how to gently make an opening in these shields so that we can gradually let down barriers allowing positive energy to flow back again.

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