People have been aware of the power of healing for centuries. Jesus Christ is recognised by many to be the greatest healer of all time. Yet we also understand from his teachings that we all have the ability to channel healing energies. Hands on healing is really all about intent. There is not really a right or wrong way to do it; although many different methods have been created to channel healing over the eons of time.

People who are psychic often have the ability see the beings of light as they work through the healer. The person receiving the healing may feel, heat or surges of energy within their body as the healer works. Or they may not actually feel anything at all. Some people can be convinced that the healer is touching one specific part of their body, like their shoulder or arm when the healer is actually working just off the body and is focusing for example on the person’s foot.

I actually experienced this phenomenon when I was in the USA studying Matrix Energetics (www.matrixenergetics.com) with Dr Richard Bartlett, who by the way is a fabulous healer and teacher. I had read his first book Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation
and immediately felt compelled to attend one of his seminars. I had a wonderful time! His seminars are definitely some of the best I have ever attended because he makes even very serious subjects easy to understand and great fun.

I was very lucky during one of his conferences, he called me up onto the stage to work on my back. He manipulated the top of my back for a moment and then I fell backwards. One of Dr Bartlett’s helpers caught me, and moved away. I was lying on my own stretched out on the stage. This is a regular occurrence at one of Dr Bartlett’s seminars so I was very pleased he chose me to work on. My eyes were closed and I could feel hands working all over my body especially on my heart chakra. I knew that apart from Richard Bartlett who was about 5 feet in front of me talking to the audience, no-one was on the stage but him and me. It was an amazing experience and when I stood up my back problem was gone. Dr Bartlett’s second book: The Physics of Miracles has now just been released in paperback version and is really worth reading.


Animals love to experience hands on healing and channelled healing can allow an agitated animal to calm down very quickly. They relax immediately and you can see them getting that glassy eyed trance look as the healer works on them. Animals are so accepting of healing that they are often able to gain great benefit from it.


When you pray for someone who is ill, you are actually tuning into the power of all that is and by your intent bringing light and healing to that person you are praying for. Amazing things can happen when people pray. In my view this is not about belonging to any sort of orthodox religion, although people with strong religious beliefs may well disagree. To pray for healing for someone who needs it transcends all of our earthy beliefs and takes us to a far higher level. It allows us, with a pure heart to automatically connect with the power of all that is. It is this supreme light force that creates the healing not the healer. The healer is just a channel with the potential to tap into that energy.

Peace & Love

Healing is also about love. Love conquers all. I understand that this may seem like the old cliché but it really is true. Great healers of people and situations have always recognised this. One example is Mother Theresa of Calcutta who worked tirelessly to help children in one of the most deprived areas on the planet. Ok, she may have held the belief that she was required by God to make all her charges into ‘good Catholics’ but there is no doubt that her intent was absolutely pure.

Mahatma Gandhi taught that fighting and conflict is not the way forward. Mahatma means great soul. It was the love and healing this man radiated together with his philosophy of peaceful resistance that finally brought a peaceful end to The British rule in India in 1947.

Healing also means taking personal responsibility to love and look after our planet. Earth nurtures us by giving us so much sustenance and beauty while we continue to plunder and pollute her. We set off atom bombs in her clearest and most beautiful seas and continue to create waste products that contaminate and are not biodegradable. Many governments and conglomerates have the technology to remediate all of this but still refuse to do so because of their own private agendas consisting of power and greed.

Mind & Body

Healing is therapeutic for the mind as well as the body. When we view everything from the eyes of love we are releasing ourselves from physical and emotional pain. This positive energy creates a powerful ripple effect of light energy flowing into our bodies and into everything we experience in our lives.

Princess Diana was a perfect example of this. She was a vulnerable often flawed individual who saw all the pain of the world through impassioned eyes. She was a powerful compassionate natural healer who did everything she could to bring an end to world suffering. Even in death, tragic though her death was, she continued in her healing work. Her passing allowed people everywhere to cry out so much of the deep hurt they were feeling inside. They may have thought that they were crying for Diana and yes in a way they were, but they were really allowing much of their own inner pain and hurt from deep down inside themselves to surface. This enormous world wide outpouring of grief provided a deep cleansing for individuals and for the planet. Her death lifted many millions of people into a more compassionate and deeper awareness of themselves and others.

English culture changed overnight, suddenly grown men were breaking down and openly weeping in the streets. As children growing up in England we were always taught that it was shameful to show our emotions. A stiff upper lip was required at all times. Now people were talking to one another, hugging one another and openly expressing their emotions in a way never before seen in England. Diana’s death brought about a massive group healing and lifting of consciousness. The wave of this energy is still being felt in the world today.

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The Power of healing
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