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Liz Vincent`s Newest Hypnotherapy Recordings in Either Mp3 or CD Format

How can Liz’s meditation CD’s help me?

Liz’s meditation Mp3 downloads and CD’s are filled with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations can only be heard by the subconscious mind, they instantly create dynamic and encouraging effects on the psyche of person listening to them.

Each Mp3 download or CD has unique messages that promote self belief and positive mental attitudes. By putting aside just 30 minutes per day to relax and to listen you will continually be reinforcing positive beliefs to your inner self.

Some years ago psychiatrists were examining the causes of depression. At that time they fully believed that depression was something that just happened to some people, and that the illness its self made people constantly criticize themselves. From their research they were able to determine that the opposite is actually true. People who constantly talk down to themselves and berate themselves in a negative way are far more likely to become depressed. The more we continue to encourage ourselves in a positive affirmative way the more likely we are to stay happier and healthier and to live a stress free life.

All of Liz’s CD’s and Mp3 Downloads are approximately 30 minutes long and contain and positive affirmations with the exception of the 15 minute stress buster, which is designed to help you to just breath and relax deeply whenever you have a few moments to take time out.