When I mention 21st December 2012 I get one of 3 reactions from people:

  • A blank look because the date means absolutely nothing to them.
  • A look of fear because they have watched movies that talk about an apocalyptic end to the world as we know it.
  • A belief that everything is going to rapidly change, justice is suddenly going to prevail and the world is going to instantly become a better place.


So, what is really likely to happen to the world on 21st December 2012? Well, the answer to that is probably nothing tangible. NASA says that there is no actual planetary alignment on that day, and many people who have studied the Mayan calendar actually worked out that it did in fact come to an end in October 2011. Scientists say it is just another winter solstice.


The way I see it is that this date is the half way marker in our complete awakening. In 1987, often called the time of the harmonic convergence, many individuals began to look deeply within them selves in order to seek their own answers to very puzzling questions. People started to query everything they had been taught by the Church and other institutions. Rather than just accepting the old teachings they started to look for their own answers. Self-help books started to fly off the shelves and groups got together to look for a deeper understanding. Channelling became more acceptable to everyone who wanted to try to understand the bigger picture. People began to search for their individual spiritual path in their own way and time. This then led to them starting to heal themselves.


This has been happening a lot more in the last few years as the energy is moving faster and many more people are waking up. Once upon a time, when I said that I was a past life regression hypnotherapist, I was instantly dismissed as being ‘very weird’ by people from many walks of life.  Now even the mainstream media is showing an interest in what I do- a change indeed!


People are starting to learn that they have to take personal responsibility for their own deeds and their own health. They are beginning to realise that by holding on to negative emotions and anger they are actually only harming themselves. When we heal ourselves from within we are also healing Mother Earth.


This 2012 December marker is all about becoming more accountable, and it is also about the predominantly male energy on the planet shifting to a complete balance between the male and female. The children that are being born now will not want to fight and continue to harbour hatred in the same way as their fathers and grandfathers. Their DNA will be more activated so they will not see the world in the same 3D way as most of us do now. They will be more enlightened and look at the world and their part in it as a whole, since they will be more in contact with the higher more intuitive part of themselves.


We are learning all the time, and this 2012 solstice is a time for us to celebrate how far we have already come. We are at the halfway point in the most important 36 year cycle this planet has ever experienced. We can no longer go backwards as now, finally, we are moving into a positive shift in our human consciousness. Light workers have already brought a great deal of luminosity into what was a very dark planet. By 2020 we should be able to look back at how much we have achieved and see how far human consciousness has evolved.


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Releasing Fear and Embracing Change -the Winter Solstice of 21st December 2012