Phobias & Past Life Therapy

This article is a case study of a phobia and how using Past Life Therapy has helped.

The patient was always terrified she would drown but she knew of no logical reason for this fear.
In hypnosis she went into a past life where she saw and felt as though a man was holding her head underwater. She began to feel very angry towards this individual because she could do nothing to prevent the inevitable. She vowed to make him pay for what he was doing to her and then she found herself out of her body. When I asked her to look back into the eyes of the man to see if she would recognise him she said yes she did. It was her brother in this life with whom she has always had a turbulent relationship.


Through the regression we discovered that this part of her was still very angry and was, as a consequence earthbound. I asked her if she was now ready to let this go and to forgive the man who killed her in that lifetime. At first she was rather reluctant to do so because she was still feeling angry and upset. But when I explained that holding on to such a negative emotion could only harm her and her connection with her brother she agreed to finally put this to rest. She forgave the man, who incidentally was her husband in that lifetime, and asked him to forgive her for all the anger she was continually sending out to him. She also completely rescinded her vow of vengeance against him and then totally forgave herself for everything. This allowed the separated past life part of her self to be reintegrated with her soul. When I woke her up she no longer had a fear drowning.


In conclusion the client telephoned me a few months later to say she was just back from a holiday where she had learned to scuba dive. The phobia was completely gone and as an added bonus her relationship with her brother has now greatly improved.

The case study is just one example of successfully dissolving a phobia but there are many reasons for the foundations of phobias and fears. Fear of flying is often connected with pilots and navigators being shot down in conflicts in past lives. Fear of childbirth can be connected with painful and difficult past life births. The list of these examples is extensive.

Phobias can also just be connected with seemingly meaningless events in this life. Frequently the client has no conscious recollection of the incident but when regressed in hypnosis the root causes are exposed. The Issue is often something that appears to have no great significance at present, for example being denied a toilet break by a teacher, or being ridiculed, teased and bullied by other children. Once these deeper issues are understood the client can forgive themselves and the people involved, this allows their feelings to be released and ultimately the phobia to disappear.


I am always available to talk to people on the phone about what I do and any phobias that they may want to discuss. I am happy to give a free 15 minute telephone consultation to allow phobia sufferers to decide if they think this treatment may be able to help them.
I can also be contacted by email or click here to fill in the contact form.
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Phobias & Past Life Therapy
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