Past Life Regression… What’s it all about?

Past life regression is certainly a fascinating subject. By experiencing Past Life Regresion the person is able to try fully understand themself and why they are experiencing certain circumstances in their life.

It can potentially allow someone to fully comprehend on a far deeper level what is occuring in their present life. They can begin to look at themselves and whatever is happening to them in a more multi dimensional way. This total comprehension can then allow them to recognise and come to terms with their present situation after having gained a far deeper insight into why it actually happened.

Past life regression helps each individual to realize that it is up to us to create our own positive and happy life experience by letting go of hurt and pain. If we continue to hold on to negative feelings and emotions towards ourselves and others we will actually attract more of the same.

Past life regression also shows us not only how we continually hold on to guilt and resentment but how we ourselves attract certain people and situations into our lives to enable us to deal with our negative emotional patterns. This happens because our higher self through our subconscious mind is actually trying to help us to let go of old harmful emotions.

When we experience something, however painful, that we are able to forgive and to release with love, we no longer need to repeat the same negative pattern. As far as our higher self is concerned we have learnt everything we needed to learn from that experience so we do not need to repeat it. Everything that is in some way detrimental to our personal well being and state of mind is brought to our attention so we can choose to release, forgive and deal with it. If we choose not to deal with it we will just keep attracting more of the same again and again.

Over the years many books have been written about past life regression and I have probably read most of them but I still find the books by Dr Brian Weiss to be some of the most interesting. Dr Weiss also has a strong medical background having trained both as a medical doctor and psychiatrist before discovering how powerful past life regression work is. Some of the books he has written include the titles,

I highly recommend all of these books to everyone who has an interest in this field.

Another excellent book is Exploring Reincarnation by Hans TenDam. I first discovered this book many years ago. It was written with deep understanding of metaphysics and at the time and it really helped me embrace a subject I soon became fascinated with.

Dolores Cannon’s books are a bit more ‘Out there’ in the sense that she has taken this work further and often deals with extra terrestrial lives as well. One of her early books, Jesus and the Essenes many be interesting reading for anyone who is interested in past life regression sessions where people have in regression sessions ‘seen’ themselves during the time of Christ.

Two other books that I also consider to be well written and in line with this work is Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Dr Michael Newton. Dr Newton takes people into the between life state where souls are planning their next life and looking at their individual journey so far.

During my time as a regression therapist I have worked with what may be seen as past lives, future lives, in between lives,encompassed in all of the above books and with people who under hypnosis have gone into abduction scenes and extra terrestrial lives. All these experiences are very personal and often deeply rewarding and fascinating to every individual who experiences them. As a past life therapist I have always found my work gratifying and very worthwhile because every working day is always completely unique. I am doing something that I absolutely love whilst learning more and more about how as souls we choose to experience every aspect of ourselves through this experience that we call life.

I am always pleased to work with new clients and am happy to talk on the telephone with anyone who would like more information about how Past Life Regression can help us all to understand more about our lives, our relationships and ourselves.

If you would like to read more about Past Life Regression take a look at the Past Life Regression page and the Past Life Therapy pages of my site.

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Past Life Regression…What`s it all about?

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    hi i am iranian i read many book about past life as dr.micheal newton and el wies book ….please say about past life and your exprince to me …remorse i dont can to see you……god bless you

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