Over the past 10 years as a past life regression therapist I have worked with thousands of people who have all experienced many different past lives. Often these lives are fairly ordinary and some are far more dramatic than others, and then occasionally there is a real gem.

I think most past life regression hypnotherapists will tell you that they have hypnotised people who believe they were Jesus or Mary Magdalene and there is nothing wrong with this. It probably just means that they are associating deeply with these evolved souls.

However I have, on a couple of occasions, taken people into past lives of people famous, in our times or who either knew people who were well known when they were alive or they themselves were famous. In my book: ‘Finding the Light -how to achieve inner peace by forgiving past and present life traumas’. I talk about working with a young girl who went into the Life of Judy Garland. This was a deeply emotional experience for her and I have no doubt that I was dealing with the soul of the late actress and singer. On another occasion I worked with a girl who had been a model and died in a car crash in the 60’s. She was part of a group who knew the late Jim Morrison of The Doors. She was deeply upset by his death and died herself very soon after him. How do I know that these lives are any more real than those of people who go into the lives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, well obviously I don’t but all I can say is that the subject is usually deeply upset and really becomes that person.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a girl who wanted to book a past life regression for her boyfriend’s birthday. She said she wanted it as a surprise present for him as it was something he had talked about doing for a while. At the time I didn’t think much about it but on the morning of the session I received an intuitive message that the session I was going to do with him would be important. Interesting I thought!

I went through the normal procedure of taking him back in time and releasing any energies that needed to be let go of. Then I felt his energy change and I knew I was dealing with a very powerful persona. He told me that he was a 30 year old man and he was speaking about freedom. He said he was travelling all over America as he needed to get his message out there. He said the name he was known by was Martin.

He began to get really upset about how black people were being treated and the oppression in general. He said he had nothing against white people and mentioned that he was actually really attracted to white women although his wife was black. I told him I was not here to judge him in any way and we all have free will.  Interestingly in this life this man is black and his girlfriend is white, so in this life he has followed his heart.  As we went further on in time he was speaking out more and more, until he told me that he knew they were going to kill him because they saw him as an outspoken nuisance. He was really upset that this was going to happen as he had so much more to say about his dream for the black people of America and he knew that he wasn’t going to have time to do it . I realised that with these words he was not afraid of dying. He just didn’t feel that he would be allowed to finish his work. To help him feel more reassured I gave him some examples of people who had died young and still left a very lasting impression like Kennedy, Princess Diana or even Marilyn Munroe. I told him that I was sure his message would be remembered; perhaps even more so because of what was destined to happen.

He told me that he left his body just before the bullet hit him. I asked if that soul part of him was still hanging around feeling angry and bound to the earth but he said no he had forgiven his aggressors unconditionally and after that life time he moved back into the light.

I brought my client back from hypnosis and asked his girlfriend to come upstairs. She was greeted by a very happy boyfriend who immediately gave her a big hug and said to her that her Birthday present was the best he had ever had! He was pleased, she was pleased and I had a very interesting morning.

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Past Life Regression and Famous People