Past life regression is an excellent tool for letting go anxiety, stress, fear, guilt and phobias.  In some very special cases when the emotional reason for the phobia and the physical problem are interconnected both the phobia and the physical problem can disappear. In other cases the phobia may go and the physical condition will begin to improve.


One such memorable case relates to a lady I saw some years ago. The main reason she decided to try past life therapy was because she was claustrophobic and afraid of the dark. She was asthmatic and had suffered from this illness, together with these phobias, for as long as she could remember. No one had ever been able to help her to resolve any of these issues.


Usually with these types of cases it would be normal to go into three different lifetimes to find the root cause of each individual malady in order to resolve the problem. However, with this particular case, everything was connected to one particular lifetime.


The client, who we shall call Mary, went back into a lifetime when she was a little orphaned boy called Sam. Sam was only about eight years old and he was terrified of the man he called The Master. Sam had been taken from the orphanage a few months before and brought to live with some other boys in a dark and dirty lodging. He was given poor food, very few clothes and his bed was a bag of soot. The Master told him that he was lucky because he had a roof over his head.


Sam was a child chimney sweep otherwise known at the time as a climbing boy. We were unable to establish the date because Sam had no idea what year it was; he also didn’t really know how old he was. As this practice was outlawed in 1864 by an act of Parliament it was probably some time before then. He was petrified. Every day he was being made to clamber up chimneys with a little hand brush and a metal scraper where he was expected to scour soot and tar off the chimney walls. He constantly felt as if he was suffocating and he found it difficult to breathe since his days were spent inhaling soot and dust from the chimney.


He was terrified of getting stuck inside the flue, but whenever he resisted one of the older boys would stick pins in his feet to make him climb higher. The more he was forced to do this work the more frightened he became. One day Sam fell down the chimney and was completely buried. He suffocated as big lumps of black soot tumbled down the chimney on top of him. Sam’s last memories were of feeling trapped, gasping for breath and being petrified.


Once Mary understood Sam’s life she was able to forgive The Master, the other boys and herself for holding on to all of these old negative emotions. The fears, the phobias and the asthma were her higher self’s way of making her find and address the problem in order to resolve it. We brought back the soul fragment that was Sam and made him feel loved and safe. Mary contacted me a few weeks after the session to say that her claustrophobia and her fear of the dark had gone. She added that she no longer experienced asthma episodes. A great day’s work!


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Past Life Regression-A Case History