Hypnotherapy in London

Are you looking for a hypnotherapist in London?

Have you ever considered that hypnotherapy and hypnosis may be an excellent way to enable you to reduce your anxiety and stress or rid you of your addictions, phobias, weight control and emotional problems?

Well if your not sure how hypnotherapy or hypnosis can help you I have put together a little bit of basic information about hypnotherapy and hypnosis. Hopefully this can help you decide if hypnotherapy or hypnosis is the right choice for you.


What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a completely natural safe trance state that can help individuals to release old negative behavioural patterns.


What benefits can I get from Hypnosis? Hypnosis and learning self hypnosis can improve quality of life by teaching people how to be more optimistic in their approach to living. Hypnosis can also improve the way we think and behave towards ourselves and others removing negative thought patterns. Hypnosis can really help us all to enjoy our lives in a far more positive and constructive way.


What benefits can I get from Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy can be used as a tool to focus the mind by giving positive suggestions to the individual who is hypnotised. This can be explored further by using hypnosis to regress the subject back into their childhood or even into past lives. Age regression and past life regression allows the hypnotherapist to work on a far deeper level enabling the client to release and completely let go of old negative beliefs and programming that affect their daily lives.

So you can see the scope of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy treatment is very broad and can help many people with problems from phobias to depression.


Well, if you haven’t decided yet if hypnosis and hypnotherapy could help you I`m offering a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation for all prospective clients.

You can ask me any questions or concerns you may have in the FREE 15 minute consultation to see if hypnotherapy or hypnosis is suitable for you.


I see my clients at my London hypnotherapy clinic 1 Harley Street, so pick up the phone and ask me how I can help you now.

Telephone me on 020 339 725I3 or 07769 682383 and  I will be pleased to arrange the FREE 15 minute telephone consultation or to book you an appointment.

Alternativly if you want to contact me via the website click here

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Hypnotherapy in London
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