Inner Child

Most people are not aware of how we habitually repeat the same negative patterns in our lives. On a conscious level we are usually completely unaware of this although the inner child part of us is very often screaming to be heard, wanting to be reintegrated back within our psyche.

As children we have frequently endured deep trauma, whether this is caused by physical or mental abuse or by suffering from a lack of love and attention, our inner child remains distressed. This deep pain is always carried forward into adulthood often resulting in the person experiencing seemingly unexplained anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

When individuals find themselves facing these problems the easiest and quickest way to relieve all of these symptoms is to find out where all of this pain is buried and to help them to sort it out once and for all. Unless the inner child part of us is allowed to be heard and brought back to us with complete compassion and understanding we will continue to suffer from these distressing symptoms.


Often we are the only person who really understands on a deeper level everything we have gone through. So who better than the adult part of us to really talk to our inner child? After all, only we fully understand how he or she is really feeling and only we know the best way to help this part of us to feel safe.

By using regression techniques to take the person back to the root cause of the problem and allowing them to find and talk to their traumatised inner child self immediate relief is usually felt. The adult is permitted to cuddle the child part to make him or her feel completely safe. This permits the child part to fully understand that the adult part will never allow the child to suffer in this way ever again.

Sometimes this is quite a quick process and the inner child part is immediately ready to integrate back with the adult. Typically the inner child is quite traumatised and needs more persuasion from the adult before he or she is ready to trust enough to fully come back.

During the course of our childhood many parts of us break off so this work is usually multi layered. However by focusing on various incidents and feelings from different times and situations and by helping the person to understand, forgive and to nurture the child within, the individual is able to stop focusing on negative situations from the past and to move into a much happier and brighter future.


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How Inner Child Regression Hypnosis Can Help Alleviate Depression
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