My book explains a unique way to quickly and easily alleviate your deepest worries and fears. The key to letting go of pain and suffering is to identify where the source of it lies, whether this is in your present life or a previous life. When you do this and forgive everything and everybody for whatever you have experienced, you can move on and let go. Using regression hypnosis together with a combination of other healing methods—in a technique the author has termed ‘finding the light’—this book will help you to understand and release negative behaviour patterns. After reading this book you will: – realise that you create your own reality and the patterns within your life – recognise that only you are able to take full responsibility for your own healing – understand that you do not need to continue to feel stuck in your present life – let go of your past by understanding that only you judge yourself, so only you can set yourself free Using the techniques described in this book, Liz Vincent has successfully cured depression, phobias, abuse, relationship problems and addictions. she can now show you how regression hypnosis can do the same for you.

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Finding the Light