Cosmic Ordering

A lot has been written about cosmic ordering both from a positive and negative perspective. So why do some people find it so easy to create everything they want in their lives while others struggle to manage just to get through every day? The key lies with our core belief systems, our sense of self worth and our ability to forgive.

Past lives or parallel lives shape the life we are living now. These lives may all be just an illusion or a hologram if you like, but since everything is actually all going on at the same time, we are constantly influenced by what we are carrying from ‘the past’. This is a concept that actually took me years to fully understand but now I totally get it. So for that reason the more negativity we are able to release from every aspect of ourselves, the more we are able create a new and positive future.

If we are holding on to deep emotional pain and resentment from past lives we are usually angry and negative in this lifetime. We have all experienced thousands of past lives but the difference between the way people see themselves, and others depends on whether they are able to forgive and forget. This means exonerating and absolving everything that happens to us in every lifetime, including this one! When we consistently hold on to extreme dislike and hatred of others we are just projecting our negative feelings outwards, what this actually means is that in reality we are despising and detesting ourselves.


As soon as we are able to unconditionally forgive everything that ever happens to us no matter how bad it is, we discharge negative energy from our emotional and physical bodies and release it for all eternity. This then allows us to be free to become centred within our own being and to get into the vortex of co -creation. One way to do this is to write down what it is you really want. The more you focus with positive intent on what it is you want to bring into your life the more it is likely to happen.

Remember on a subconscious level you must have the deep belief that you totally deserve whatever it is and that you are completely worthy of it. This is the difference between being able to bring into your life what it is you really desire, and not quite being able to make it materialize. See it happening, trust and believe that it will come to pass and then you will be able to create not only what you need but also what you want.


I find the Abraham teachings of Esther and Jerry Hicks to be helpful. I first learned about Esther Hicks’s channelling after seeing the film The Secret (Extended Edition) [DVD] by Rhonda Byrne.
I then listened to The Teachings Of Abraham: The Master Course CD Program this allowed me to understand more. More recently I bought the books The Vortex and Getting into the Vortex
both which contain a CD. I usually put these CD’s on when I go to bed at night as I find they help me to relax and let go of the day whilst preparing me with positive intent for the following day.

If you would like some assistance either in exploring past lives or releasing negative beliefs I can be contacted by email or click here to fill in the contact form.
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Cosmic Ordering and Forgiveness
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