Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help people who are experiencing depression and general difficulties to understand why they may be looking at and interpreting everything about their world in a negative and pessimistic way. Usually the ‘cup is half empty’ rather than ‘half full’. These harmful thoughts often lead to more of the same and depression sets in.


I use CBT with a combination of other therapies, usually regression hypnosis and Theta Healing; not only to get to the root cause of why a person is thinking in this way, but also to help the individual turn these detrimental thoughts and emotions into a more positive attitude.


We often take on board damaging behaviour patterns when we are very young. If we are surrounded by adults who tell us life will always be difficult and a struggle, we will grow up to believe that this is simply the case. These beliefs will become core to how we see the world and life’s outcome. If we believe that everything in our life will have a negative outcome this is what we will create.


CBT is about making simple changes in our lives that then lead to other small changes. If we simply give up and expect life to come to us, it will not happen. Life is all about taking charge of your situation, looking at your present circumstances and starting to make small changes in the things that are not working for you. By changing one thing, then another and another, you will learn to change the way you think and then be able to move forward in a much more positive way.


Liz Vincent is the author of the book Finding the Light – How to achieve inner peace by forgiving past and present life traumas. Her clinics are in London Harley Street and in Central Bristol. She also works with people over the phone.  Please visit her website at: http://awakening2hypnosis or ring 020 339 725I3 or 07769 682383 to book an appointment or to arrange a free 15 minute telephone consultation. You may also send her an e-mail at

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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  • 22nd February 2013 at 2:42 pm

    This sounds like a fantastic option for people suffering with a form of depression. I like the fact you blend a few other therapies in too such as regression. I hope people will seek your service and change their lifestyles around and live a more positive existence.

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