Dr Brian Weiss

Over the years I have read most of Dr Brian Weiss’s books. Indeed it was by reading his books that a major spark ignited within me and my interest in past life regression really started. All of Dr Weiss’s books are fascinating because they tell of his own very personal journey from a Yale and Columbia trained medical Doctor and psychiatrist to working and experimenting with past life regression and therapy. His books are well written and engage the reader from beginning to end, often leading them on a journey that they themselves are not aware at the time that they are beginning.

Many Lives, Many Masters

Dr Weiss’s first book Many Lives, Many Masters tells of how over an 18 month period he worked with a girl called Catherine who came to him with many health problems. He started as a sceptic but when she started to channel extraordinary revelations about his own family he was forced to look at the information she was divulging in a different way. He began working with her and realised that when she went into different ‘past lives’ under hypnosis her illnesses were cured.

Through Time into Healing

Through Time into Healing contains many studies of how patients when regressed into past lives are able to understand the reason for their different illnesses and how by healing the mind, the body is also able to become healed.

Only Love is Real

A book I loved was Only Love is Real because it combines the power of past life regression with a real love story. We often meet up with the same souls in many different lifetimes and we ‘grow’ together. We have all met people we feel we have known forever although our paths in this lifetime may have only just crossed. Dr Weiss’s book tells of two souls who are deeply connected and who have continued to meet through time. Love is always the uniting factor!

Messages from the Masters

Messages from the Masters also talks about the power of love. This book contains many messages that Dr Weiss’s patients have channelled through from spirit guides and ascended masters. The message is always the same that love is the key to inner peace, a healthy body, happiness and complete realization of self. I like the way that this book goes further than some of his other books and explains how important it is to let go of anger, judgement and fear against others and ourselves.

Same Soul, Many Bodies

Same Soul, Many Bodies reveals cases where Dr Weiss not only regresses his patients into past lives but also into possible ‘future lives’. It is an interesting book because it demonstrates examples of how we behave in this life can affect how our future lives map out. It also shows an example of if we hold a particular anger or hatred towards a certain race we may well come back as a member of that race in order to learn this valuable lesson. This book really does help to explain how we really all are one and part of the same.

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An Introduction to Dr Brian Weiss
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