Success Stories

Here are some of the wonderful letters of thanks and success stories that have kindly been sent to me by my clients over the years. If you would like to examine the original letters from the clients they are available at my clinic. The names of the clients have been abbreviated to their respective initials to preserve client confidentiality.

Dear Liz, the past life regression and this life integration sessions I had with you were truly illuminating and life affirming. My background is in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, but despite the years of therapy and work on myself, I have never been able to “get past” the original traumas and sense that I am in the wrong body, in the wrong life, at the wrong time.
You gently and skilfully guided me through my past in a way that made me feel incredibly safe and held.  With your help, I was able to access some traumatic patterns which I believe hold the key to the abuse, and I have been able to work through this with care.
I now feel I am in a completely different place – experiencing myself as lighter and more free. The clarity your sessions gave me have enabled me to cut ties from a dysfunctional attachment and understand the reasons I was caught up in toxicity to begin with.
My energy has been flowing and I feel more connected to my innate life force, living with more purpose and direction, and available to help others too.
Thank you so much for everything! The work you do is truly next level transformative and healing. I hope to come back for more work with you after processing and integrating it more fully. Revelatory and inspirational- I will be recommending you to everyone interested in healing their wounds and awakening to higher consciousness. X
I wanted to follow on from my daughter E’s session with you. Since seeing you she has been so happy and there has been a change. After seeing you she told her friend since nursery that she no longer wanted to be friends with her as this little girl is mean and says unkind words. That was a shock for me but I respected her wishes. On Friday she said she had told another friend who’s party they were all going to on Saturday that she (E my daughter) would not be coming to the party as the bday girl has gossiped about E being terrible at reading and was slow despite them all knowing E is Dyslexic.

E told me she now feels she will not tolerate people being unkind in her world and clearly feels more in control….so thank you Liz. You created a right of passage to empower her to not be controlled by unkind people.

Dear Liz, Happy New Year! I would like just to say thank you to you for opening my life back to happiness and freedom and giving me my own power back. Please do what are you doing now and bring happiness to more people like me. Amazing work you do. Sincerely *A.S.
My dearest Liz, oh how I wish to have a cup of tea with you. I dream to have an opportunity to thank you for your help on my journey, in person. I understand that me sharing would simply be a story for you, but one thing I would like to get a cross to you is my gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your cleverness, talent and dedication to the work that you do. I am forever grateful to your soul. May our paths cross again in any realm! Always, *IS. -via Skype Session
Hi Liz, I wanted to start with a huge thank you. In fact, ‘thank you’ feels highly understated. I’m grateful beyond words for you and your work. You are a wonderful light worker and the judgement free climate you create is the only space that has allowed me to open up and heal parts of me that I’ve needed to, in order to live a full life. I think my system is already ready for the next one. NB.
I truly need to thank you for saving our family! My husband’s improvement is amazing. I didn’t realise your treatment would improve things so quickly. One day, I hope you can teach me so I can include this in my transpersonal psychotherapeutic practice. Yours in gratitude*GR.
Dear Liz, Just to let you know that my phobia of walking over rocks is gone as well….. my friends were very surprised with that! I now can actually walk without feeling any fear! It is amazing.
It is amazing how the therapy can affect you in many levels. Thank you once more. *DM.
I would like to thank you for helping me overcome the fears I had. I am certainly feeling better after the sessions I had with you. Although sometimes my mind starts to play games with me and I go back to my past self I very quickly recover and let go of my fear beliefs I had, before I came to see you. It is wonderful to be healed and I could not have done it without your help and support.  *S.B.
Thank you for our session and your advice for afterwards, both the dark chocolate and epsom salts bath were useful, as well as taking it easy for a couple of days as I really felt completely exhausted. The most extraordinary thing has happened since, I have always felt a huge burden on my shoulders, not just mentally and emotionally but physically too and this appears to have now been completely lifted …  *T.K.
Words can’t really convey the change that I have felt since seeing Liz. I feel I have become the man I really am and all the negative thought patterns and habits have gone. I literally see the world differently now as a more colourful and interesting place and can truly appreciate what I have in my life. Liz is a wonderfully talented therapist and healer and the three sessions I had with her are probably the most productive time I have ever spent in my life in terms of how the have benefited me. I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz and will always be grateful for what she has done for me.  *F.O.
When I came to see Liz I had emotional issues which were rooted in me long long time ago. After 5 sessions I cannot believe how different a person I am. If only I knew about Liz sooner!! She helped me to tackle my low self esteem, insecurities, lack of confidence and feelings of guilt. She made me believe that I can change and that I hold the powers to my happiness. As a result I am so much stronger, I feel calmer,and am at peace with myself. I am so much more secure and confident when I speak and I really do feel like a new person! Thanks a million Liz for all your help, I will forever be grateful to you. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone.   *N.P
I just had to send you a message today to say thank you again for my session yesterday. I so enjoyed it, if that is the right word to use? and it certainly helped me to understand several things in my life, big and small. But yes, just thought that I would let you know how happy it made me Thank you! Yours   *Mr CD.
Before meeting Liz, I was undergoing my 4th major bout of clinical depression, which medicine and psychology were struggling to contain. Life seemed bleak and every morning was a struggle to merely get up. After working with Liz, the world has sunshine again. For the first time in my adult life I feel genuinely happy and alive. So much weight has been removed from my shoulders that I feel I can stand tall again. Sometimes ‘thank you’ cannot go far enough. Yours,  *LM.
Following the sudden death of my young husband I was plunged into a world of grief and despair and reached for traditional therapies,medication,bereavement counseling to help me with my situation. They partially worked and a couple of years on I was managing on the surface but underneath I was still very much struggling and in the dark.Meeting and working with Liz Vincent “unstuck” me and has given me tools from which to rebuild my life.Through our sessions she has used a number of techniques,theta healing,past life regression,EFT which have provided me with a greater insight into life,death and the way I want to lead my life.I feel lighter and more hopeful for the future. I have just found out that my daughter also has emotional issues regarding the death of her father so Liz is currently working with her and I am confident that with Liz’s help we can help her too. Yours   *CM
My experience with Liz Vincent has been life changing. I felt so much compassion from her as she led me into the hypnotic state, I was able to trust, to relax and let go. She facilitated my journey into a past that was healing for me. I embraced the information uncovered as it actually came from within me and always felt missing from my life. I was able to understand myself as never before. I felt whole and joyful in the connections made during the sessions. Yours  *I A.V
I wanted to let you know i`m so grateful to have met you.November in London was the turning point in my life the sessions with you contributed immensely to turning my life around. I`m proud to say I have been sober and healthy ever since i moved to London. I opened my practice with thanks to the power and confidence generated by my therapy session with you. for the first time in my life after so many years of crisis and disorientation I knew who I was and what i had to do. And I have never looked back and never doubted my mission but worked hard to bring it into reality. Thank you so much Liz. Kind Regards  *CJ.
I just wanted to let you know what I found the hypnotherapy sessions last year very helpful. My skin has improved a lot, even the beautician who gives me facials (but who hasn’t seen me for a few months) asked me today what I was doing differently with regard to my skin care regime to bring about the improvement. she was impressed Yours  *F.
I wanted to say a belated thank you for the last session I had with you back in august. It doesn’t seem possible that it was that long ago, but since then I have encountered challenge after challenge and know that without being able to listen to the CD from our time together, I definitely would have faltered! You’ve helped me so much to start to believe in myself and I am so grateful to you for that. Much love *HR .
Hi Liz, Just to thank you for the session on Saturday. It was amazing…my anxiety is gone…hopefully for ever… I couldn’t believe it on Sunday how well I felt. I had conference calls yesterday and issues with work and I didn’t feel any anxiety. It makes me feel more resourceful:) Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again!   *C.O.
Hi Liz, its Amy here. I just want to say how thankful I am for the treatment yesterday, the band round my chest has gone and I’ve woken up feeling positive and inspired. Through the 17 years of my life you are the person who helped me most, you are a beautiful woman inside and out, thank you so much. Was so lovely to meet you- someone who actually wants to help and is very good at their job! The CD that you gave me is amazing, truly on the way/near inner peace. Thank you for everything x   *A.A.
Client who had a fear of going to the dentist: The appointment the day afterwards went really well. I went in there feeling really positive which was great. I even asked to look at the needle!! Then I had quite a few injections which was ok because I was pressing my middle finger and thumb together. The last injection hurt ALOT because it went into an infected bit of my gums I think but I was still ok and overall I left feeling really positive! I went back again yesterday to have the permanent crown fitted and I think it’s the first time I’ve been to the dentist and left in a good mood. I called my mum straight away and she said the exact same thing. I have one more appointment tomorrow and that’s me done! I can’t thank you enough for your help. I really, really appreciate it!   *M.B.
* Disclaimer:

Testimonials are available for viewing at Liz Vincent’s clinic. They help to illustrate what experiences people have gone through as a result of sessions with Liz, but do not guarantee the same results – experiences vary from person to person.