My Awakening to Hypnosis


My interest in hypnosis and and past life regression was awakened over 20 years ago when I became fascinated by the use of hypnosis as a means of helping people to relieve pain and past trauma by accessing their child hood and past life memories. My journey towards actually becoming a hypnotherapist, Past life Regression Therapist, and EFT practitioner began as a result of work upon myself. I began sitting in meditation circles and teaching myself how to relax properly. My thoughts were “how could I possibly begin to help others if I couldn’t help myself?” There was a real need to understand how I could deal with my own problems and my own sense of self-worth before I could start helping others.

Healing the mind, body and spirit

Researching into many different forms of healing I very quickly realised that healing is so much more than just taking medicine when we feel ill. Healing is all about learning how to cure the mind, body and spirit, and understanding how all these things are interconnected in our life. Consequently I first trained to be a spiritual healer in 2002 by taking all (1-4 parts) of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers development courses. I then studied Reiki at Hartcliffe College attaining the level of Reiki Master. The next step in my journey was to train to be a teacher of adults which qualifies me to teach in colleges and conduct my own workshops.

Devouring the works of all the important healers, hypnotherapists, past life regression specialists and psychologists. I began to realise that as a result of fear we hold pain in our bodies and that by releasing this fear we can also release the pain. Past life regression and ThetaHealing™ are both excellent treatment methods for doing this.

I also gained invaluable knowledge while studying crystal and colour healing, hands on healing, inner child work, tie-cutting, connecting with spirit guides, trance work, past life regression, Theta healing™ and many more techniques. I experienced rebirthing, cranial sacral therapy and other energetic healing methods, in order to learn more about myself. This culminated in Seikhem Healing training and attunements whilst standing in the energy of the pyramids in Egypt.

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have started studying hypnosis with the late Ormond McGill and Tom Silver. Ormond was at that time considered to be “The Best in The World” and was known worldwide as “The Dean of American Hypnosis”. Tom Silver is also one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists and is a brilliant teacher! I am very grateful because I learnt so much from all these great masters in their respective fields. I watched Ormond McGill do a past life regression, it was fascinating the girl immediately started speaking with a French accent when he asked her what her name was.

Wanting to continue to study hypnotherapy and having read Ursula Markham’s books, I then chose to earn my English diploma and my past life regression qualification with Ursula and The Hypnothink Foundation. Ursula was a past life regression therapist so it seemed right for her to teach me.

E.F.T & EmoTrance

The next step was E.F.T and EmoTrance training with Sandra Hillawi of Passion for Health. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an astonishing way to remove emotional blockages. It is an innovative non-invasive therapy that helps us to release blockages and deep seated traumas that we may have been holding on to for years. Gary Craig who invented E.F.T has had remarkable success with Vietnam War veterans in the past allowing them to finally let go of all the fear and pain associated with these experiences. For the first time in over 35 years many of these men can begin to lead a normal lives again thanks to Gary Craig.


After studying Basic and Advanced Theta Healing I took the Theta Healing Intuitive Anatomy course with Vianna Stibel. Vianna is a fascinating person and her gift of ThetaHealing™ to the World is of monumental importance. I have since journeyed to Italy, Iceland, Hawaii USA and Idaho Falls U.S.A where I completed all of the Basic, Advanced and Intuitive Anatomy teachers training courses in this wonderful method of healing.

Spirit Release

I originally studied Spirit Release with Lucy Baker. Fortunately for me she was visiting he U.K from her home in Canberra Australia. Lucy is an excellent medium and a truly inspirational teacher, I learned a considerable amount from her and I now use spirit release regularly. I have also attended a workshop with Dr Edith Fiore (author of ‘The Unquiet Dead’) when she was also visiting London.

N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

So much has been written about Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques.
Created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who based their work on the methods of Milton Ericksson and Virginia Satir, . Bandler and Grinder have since gone their separate ways, each devising new techniques. In particular John Grinder has developed a further set of techniques he calls ‘New Code NLP”. I studied NLP with WestOne a company run and owned Toby and Kate McCartney who are both certified NLP John Grinder trainers.


I trained to become a Tachyon Practitioner after finding out how effective Tachyon healing is in controlling, managing and releasing pain.The inventor David Wagner created Tachyon healing after a heavy filing cabinet fell on top of him rendering him virtually helpless and confined to a wheel chair. After a number of unsuccessful surgical operations David Wagner was classified an invalid by the state and was granted social security for life.

David Wagner treated himself with his invention Tachyon bars, a totally non-invasive form of treatment. David Wagner used no needles and no drugs and he cured himself completely. The Tachyon treatment worked when all else had failed and as a result he was able to completely eradicate his own pain. I am lucky enough to have been trained as a Tachyon Practitioner by David Wagner himself and I now use Tachyon bars and disks to help people who are in often desperate pain.

Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

Hypnobirthing allows the mother to relax and be is comfortable during labor. David Kato is one of the worlds leading hypnobirthing specialists. He taught me how to use hypnotherapy with expectant mums so that the birth of their child is a pleasant and meaningful experience. Fathers also love this treatment because they can become so much more actively involved in the whole relaxation process.

Complimentary Healing

In recent years I have also attended an E.M.D.R (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) training course. Also two 3 part Matrix Energetic workshops run By Dr Richard Bartlett who is an entertaining and stimulating teacher, as well as an amazing healer. I also travelled to Los Angeles U.S.A to attend a Ho’oponopono workshop with Dr Iheleakala Hew Len. This is the man who is featured in Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits. Whilst working for three years as a staff psychologist at Hawaii State Hospital Dr Hew Len used Ho’oponopono to completely turn the patients and their conditions around. He is possibly the most humble and gentle man I have ever met and a total inspiration to us all.


  • SQHP. Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice from the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
  • CNHC Registered


  • Accredited Practitioner of the Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists

  • Diploma in CBT-Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from David Kato PHD

  • D.HYP (MHF) Diploma in Hypnotherapy from The Hypnothink Foundation. (Ursula Markham)

  • PLR (MHF) Past Life Regression Therapy from The Hypnothink Foundation. (Ursula Markham)

  • Graduation certificate in Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy from Ormond McGill  and The Tom Silver Institute .

  • E.F.T. and Advanced E.F.T practitioner from Association for Meridian Energy Therapies.

  • E.F.T. Master Class Certificate from Gary Craig, founder of E.F.T.

  • Theta Healing DNA 1-2, Advanced Theta Healing practitioner, Intuitive Anatomy practitioner

  • Instructors qualification in Theta Healing DNA 1-2, Advanced Theta Healing and Intuitive Anatomy from Vianna Stibel founder of Theta Healing.

  • N.L.P practitioner from WestOne NLP training company.

  • EmoTrance practitioner qualification from The Sidereus Foundation.

  • City & Guilds 1-2 Teaching Adult Learners, from City of Bristol College Hartcliffe Bristol

  • Hypnosis for Childbirth from David Kato

  • EMDR Certificate from The Dominic Beirne School of Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

  • Spirit Release and Clearing Oaths and Vows Certificate from Lucy Baker Canberra

  • Member of the Spirit Release Foundation

  • Tachyon Institute practitioner level 1 and 2 from David Wagner

  • Stop Smoking Certificate from David Botsford.

  • Certificates of course 1-4 from National Federation of Spiritual Healers

  • Reiki 1-2-Master from City of Bristol College Hartcliffe Bristol