A few weeks ago a friend invited me to watch a concert and a film on the Dalia Lama and Tibet at the Union Chapel in North London.

As we walked in, I saw for the first time, this superb gothic chapel lit only by candlelight. It was absolutely magical. Tibetan monks were sat on and around the stage chanting and playing singing bowls. The atmosphere was almost electric yet somehow immediately calming.

Then, as we arrived at our pews, I noticed that the man sitting directly behind me had a big ginger cat curled up beside him. Rather strange I thought, as I turned around to stroke the cat. This is until I realised that I was being invited by James Bowen to meet the very famous ‘A Street Cat Called Bob’! This is the cat that saved his master from the streets and from addiction. Bob is quite oblivious to his fame and the fact that he is a hero. All he actually wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep next to his master. He even let out rather a growl at being woken up again when he was picked up and presented to the audience.

The concert began, and then at a certain point Lama Lobsang who is the emissary for the Dalai Lama in Europe began to play the bowls. The energy of this man radiated throughout the whole room and probably well beyond. This is the man who, after being tortured and kept captive by the Chinese for a long time, when asked what his greatest fear was during his imprisonment, replied that he was afraid that he would lose his compassion. Wow!

Now I am very pleased to announce that I am joining with Simon Fenton to create a monthly meditation group in London and we are very honoured because Llama Lobsang has agreed to conduct our very first meeting.

This will be a one hour meditation for peace with chanting and Tibetan singing bowls, held on Friday 17th May 2013 at Thames Tunnel Mills next to the River Thames in Rotherhithe. Start time 6:30pm. Cost £5.

Places are limited so if you would like to come to this unique event please contact me at
or my contact page to book your place.


All workshops and meditations will be held at the Thames Tunnel Mills facility overlooking the river Thames in Rotherhithe.



The nearest Tube Station is Jubilee line to Canada Water or Overground Line Stations to Rotherhithe or Canada Water.


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A Very Enchanted Evening