• Are you suffering from trauma, stress, anxiety, grief or physical pain?
  • Is your life falling apart?
  • Is a phobia ruining your life?
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you addicted to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or food?


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Therapy experiences vary from person to person. Liz Vincent is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), General Hypnotherapy Register and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Liz Vincent is a Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Expert established in Harley Street, London and now based in Victoria. I also work on Zoom with clients in the UK and from all over the world.

D.HYP PLR(MHF) SQHP. Dip.CBT. ABNLP. Adv-EFT. CRSST. Adv-ThetaHealer™. Cert:EMDR. Reiki Master. IAART. MPLTA.

For more than 20 years I have successfully treated patients at my hypnotherapy clinic in London Harley Street as a professional CNHC, GHR, GHSC Registered Hypnotherapist, CBT Therapist, Past Life Regression specialist, Age Regression Therapist, Advanced EFT, NLP, EmoTrance practitioner & Adv.ThetaHealing™ practitioner and trainer, Reiki Master and Tachyon Practitioner. My specialities are in the treatment of Anxiety, Stress, Phobias, Depression, Smoking Cessation, Addictions, Grief, Trauma, Confidence & Public Speaking, Weight problems & Abuse Issues.
My course is trademarked and accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. I have appeared on SkyOne, Fab TV, Star Plus, BBC Radio and in Cosmopolitan, Bonmarché, Prediction & Soul & Spirit’s ‘Tried & Tested’ feature.

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Past Life Regression

I first became interested in Past Life Regression and Therapy many years ago after reading the story of a child born in the south of India. From the moment she could talk she spoke in the dialect from the far north of the country.

The child kept insisting that she had to go home to the village she came from to make sure that her children were all right. She was adamant that since her husband hurt and killed her he may do the same to their children. Luckily the child’s new parents listened to her and travelled to the area in the north of India. The moment they arrived the child was able to lead them straight to her previous house.

She ran into the house where her former husband and children lived telling them that now she was back all would be well. This is just one of many documented examples.

Obviously this is quite an extreme case but it does give credence to the question:
“Have I lived before?”

It is very important to choose an experienced, specialist Past Life Regression therapist when you decide that you would like to experience Past Life Regression . Past Life Regression is not just about visiting past lives, it is to enable the person experiencing it, to understand so much more about him/herself and what is happening in their life now and why? Thus allowing them to move forward in a positive way as a result of it.

In my Past Life Regression sessions I give people the choice if they so wish to visit the spirit world. This experience can help them understand what they did or did not learn from the life they have just visited. It can also give them the chance to remember what it is they have promised to do in this life and what it is they have come back to this life to learn.

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Actual session duration is one and a half hours.  You will remember everything you experience during the session. Although many of my clients like to make a recording on their smartphone as an additional way of remembering the Past Life Regression.

Does it always work? Please note most people will very easily go into a past life, but there are a few people who block themselves, which can be due to fear, strong religious beliefs, or sometimes medication.

Past Life Fears & Questions

Past Life Regression can also help to remove the fear of death. When a person dies the spirit (or the consciousness of the person if you prefer) leaves the body. It is then free to travel into the spirit world. Once someone has a more complete understanding of how this works, their fear of death is dispelled. After each life the spirit is given the chance to look at the life they have just left behind and to see how they could have behaved differently or more lovingly in a given situations. This experience is often shown to the person a bit like a film. It is never a reproach but a demonstration of how with love we can further our true understanding of ourselves.

Past Life Regression can also help us to understand questions like these:

  • Why is my mother or father so terrible to me?
  • Why was I abused as a child?
  • Why was I brought up in an alcoholic family?
  • Why do I dislike this person?
  • Why does he or she treat me like this?
  • Why have I always felt depressed?
  • Why have I always had a bad back, knee, arm etc?
  • Why have I always felt rejected?

The list of problems is extensive, fear, pain, dislike of a certain race or country, terror of things like heights, flying, water, enclosed spaces and many more.

Disclaimer: therapy experiences offered vary from person to person. Liz Vincent is registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), General Hypnotherapy Register and General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.