Hypnotherapy for Childbirth or “Hypnobirthing” as it is usually called is becoming more and more popular as women want to be more in charge of the way their babies are born. My aim is to teach the expectant mother to be more in control of the whole birthing process. We hold a lot of fear in our bodies and fear creates pain so the more relaxed and calm the expectant mother is, the more she will be able to overcome any feelings of discomfort associated with the birth. A birthing pool and the use of hypnotherapy is perhaps the best way to have a calm relaxed birthing experience and a happy baby.


Words like waves or surges of energy are preferable to contractions, a word that is enough to make the new mother tense up at the sound of it. I also encourage the use of dolphin sounds during the birth so that their soothing echoes can help the mother relax completely. Dolphins are natural midwives and extensive research has been done in Russia with women actually giving birth in the water with dolphins. A Russian midwife called Igor Charkovsky helps his patients to give birth in the Black Sea whilst assisted by dolphins. His belief is that dolphins have such a natural affinity with babies about to be born that they gather around the pregnant woman as the birth is imminent. The sounds that they make put the mother into a deeply relaxed state so that she feels totally safe. When the baby is born the dolphins often gently nudge it to the surface to aid its breathing.


I prefer to see expectant mothers 3-4 times before the birth usually near the start of the third trimester. (If possible one of these visits will also include the father to be or the birthing partner) I will provide all the necessary C.D`s for the mum to be to start practicing with and also the C.Ds for the actual birth experience.

All of my Hypnotherapy for Childbirth sessions are 90 minutes long. A minimum of three sessions are required in London Harley Street. I am also happy to work with clients on the telephone.

FREE 15 Minute Consultation

It’s really important that you’re completely happy with your choice of hypnotherapist or therapy. I offer a free initial telephone conversation of up to 15 minutes,which is an opportunity for you to find out more about my approach, and ask any questions. Please ring me on 020 339 72513 or 07769 682383. I can also be contacted by email or click here to fill in the contact form.