“Finding the Light” 

How to achieve inner peace by forgiving past and present life traumas.

My Book ‘Finding the Light’ describes how although I started out as a past life hypnotherapist my work has actually come full circle and now incorporates many other forms of complimentary healing. My method enables me to teach people how to release their anger and pain so that they can regain their own personal power. The fundamental message in ‘Finding the Light’ is that by discovering how to unconditionally forgive others for any wrong doing we have experienced as a result of their behaviour we are ultimately forgiving ourselves. Once we can learn from our mistakes to take everything as a learning experience and let it all go with love we are releasing our old ways of thinking and a lot of old negative energy. We can then begin to move forward with the unconditional love of ourselves and others. We will learn to “Find the Light” within ourselves. ‘Finding the Light’ explains a unique way to quickly and easily alleviate your deepest worries and fears. The key to letting go of pain and suffering is to identify where the source of the problem lies whether this is in your present life or a previous life. When you have identified the source and forgiven everything and everyone for whatever you have experienced, you can move on and let go of the pain and suffering. Using regression hypnosis together with a combination of healing methods – in a technique I have termed “Finding the Light” my book will help you to understand and release negative behavioural patterns. ‘Finding the Light’ will help you:

  • Realise that you create your own reality and the patterns within your life.
  • Recognise that only you are able to take full responsibility for your own healing.
  • Understand that you do not need to continue to feel stuck in your present life.
  • Let go of your past by understanding that only you judge yourself so only you can set yourself free.
  • Using the techniques described in ‘Finding the Light’ Liz Vincent has successfully cured depression, phobias, abuse trauma, relationship problems and addictions.
Finding the Light: