Inspirational Garden mp3

Inspirational Garden has been created by Liz Vincent to help you develop your inner guiding voice.

How often do you make a wrong decision because you choose to ignore those guiding influences? Those gut feelings if you like.

This mp3 has been designed to encourage you to listen to your intuition, We always know on a deep subconscious level what is best for us.

However so often we choose to listen to outside influences and to buy into the negative belief systems of others rather than to trust our own instincts.

By listening to this Mp3 and awakening your inner guiding voice you can truly realise your full potential, gaining a deep sense of understanding of yourself and others while stimulating the awareness that you can achieve everything you desire once you fully learn to trust your own intuition.

Liz`s soothing voice will guide you through the visualisation of a wonderfully relaxing ‘Inspirational Garden’ while the calming background music especially written for this mp3 and the subliminal affirmations combine to enhance the experience.

Positive Affirmations on the mp3

I am happy, I am joyful, I am at peace with myself,

I always trust myself to make the best decisions for me, I am calm, I am safe and I am protected at all times,

My body is always in complete balance with my intuitive self,

I understand the meaning of deep inner peace

I trust the inspiration I receive from my higher self,

I am always open to what my inner voice wants to tell me,

I trust that I am always in the right place at the right time,

I trust my own intuition at all times,

I feel a deep sense of inner peace,

I always trust my own instincts,

I always trust the voice within.

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