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Metro -Peter Andre discovers he ‘might have been Spanish’ as he has past life regression on This Morning. 

Thursday morning’s show saw the singer turned TV presenter undergoing past life regression therapy – with viewers witnessing the moment as he appeared to head back in time to Renaissance-era Spain.

Soul & Spirit – “Tried & Tested”

In this article Liz Vincent guides Angela Kennedy of “Soul & Spirit” magazine, in their “Tried & Tested” feature on past life regression.

Cosmopolitan – Body Special

In this Cosmo body special Liz Vincent helps journalist Erin Kelly with a past life regression therapy session exploring and helping her with her weight issues.

Bonmarché – Past Lives

In this article Liz Vincent guides journalist Sarah Edghill from Bonmarché magazine through several past lives, Including a Viking Warrior, a Parisian Child at the turn of the century an elegant Tudor Woman and many more lives in this past life regression session.

Prediction – Past Lives

Liz Vincent guides a journalist from the very well know Prediction magazine into their past lives in an exciting past life regression therapy session.

New Woman – EFT

In this article Liz Vincent is consulted by New Woman Magazine. She explains about using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help quit smoking.

Bristol Evening Post – Weight Loss

Last year Liz Vincent worked with Liz Webster a journalist from The Bristol Evening Post and cleared up her emotional connection to chocolate & cakes.

Timeout – Lives Less Ordinary

London is jam-packed full of people who make a unique contribution to our city. Timeout talked to Liz Vincent, past life regression specialist.

NZ Fitness – Releasing Negative Thoughts

Liz talks to New Zealand Fitness magazine about Releasing Negative Thoughts.