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Soul & Spirit – “Tried & Tested”

In this article Liz Vincent guides Angela Kennedy of “Soul & Spirit” magazine, in their “Tried & Tested” feature on past life regression.

Cosmopolitan – Body Special

In this Cosmo body special Liz Vincent helps journalist Erin Kelly with a past life regression therapy session exploring and helping her with her weight issues.

Bonmarché – Past Lives

In this article Liz Vincent guides journalist Sarah Edghill from Bonmarché magazine through several past lives, Including a Viking Warrior, a Parisian Child at the turn of the century an elegant Tudor Woman and many more lives in this past life regression session.

Prediction – Past Lives

Liz Vincent guides a journalist from the very well know Prediction magazine into their past lives in an exciting past life regression therapy session.

New Woman – EFT

In this article Liz Vincent is consulted by New Woman Magazine. She explains about using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help quit smoking.

Bristol Evening Post – Weight Loss

Last year Liz Vincent worked with Liz Webster a journalist from The Bristol Evening Post and cleared up her emotional connection to chocolate & cakes.

Timeout – Lives Less Ordinary

London is jam-packed full of people who make a unique contribution to our city. Timeout talked to Liz Vincent, past life regression specialist.

NZ Fitness – Releasing Negative Thoughts

Liz talks to New Zealand Fitness magazine about Releasing Negative Thoughts.